Meringue Cake


After last week’s episode of the Great British Bake Off I decided to end my GBBO challenge and instead return to baking things I actually enjoy. I had my eye on a recipe the last few weeks that I couldn’t wait to try and thankfully I had the opportunity to bake it on Friday when I was going to a family dinner. I had spotted this particular meringue cake in this years Christmas Good Housekeeping magazine and it seemed easy enough and it looked delicious too. Continue reading “Meringue Cake”

Tudor week

This week was a bit of an odd week on GBBO and as I didn’t fancy eating a months supply of meat in a pie or a whole cake of marzipan I opted to bake jumbles. There was only one recipe that I could find on BBCGoodFood and it was a little different to the GBBO recipe but I liked the spice and vanilla flavourings in this recipe in comparison to Paul Hollywoods mace recipe.  Continue reading “Tudor week”

Whipped cream and melted chocolate; a match (not) made in heaven…


I decided to combine a couple of the challenges this week and I made a hazelnut and chocolate roulade filled with chocolate cream and raspberries. What should have been a simple recipe resulted in being a tad more stressful as I forgot how much whipped cream does not like me, ha. Here’s the recipe: Continue reading “Whipped cream and melted chocolate; a match (not) made in heaven…”

“Put the lime in the coconut…”


After taking a little break after last week’s Bake Off I decided to pull up my socks and get back into it again this week. The three challenges for Botanical week were a twist on the traditional lemon meringue pie,  fougasse bread and floral decorated cake. After seeing Jane’s lime and coconut meringue pie I was sold, two of my favourite flavours and I have always loved lemon meringue pie. Off I went and googled lime and coconut and I was in luck as Jane’s recipe popped up fairly quickly, it was also in the Irish Mail on Sunday’s weekend supplement, it was meant to be 🙂 Continue reading ““Put the lime in the coconut…””