Whipped cream and melted chocolate; a match (not) made in heaven…


I decided to combine a couple of the challenges this week and I made a hazelnut and chocolate roulade filled with chocolate cream and raspberries. What should have been a simple recipe resulted in being a tad more stressful as I forgot how much whipped cream does not like me, ha. Here’s the recipe:

First off I toasted 100g of hazelnuts in the oven, 190C. I used a food processor to grind the hazelnuts until finely chopped.

Next I whisked 4 egg whites until stiff and gradually added in 225g of golden caster sugar until glossy. I folded in the hazelnuts and spread it evenly into a lined swiss roll tin.

I popped it into the oven for around 20 minutes until it was lightly brown. I took it out of the oven and noticed it had a lovely T design down on the bottom, totally meant for that to happen, ha. I turned it over onto another baking sheet and carefully eased it away from the roulade.

Then came the stressful part, I whipped up 300ml of double cream and then stirred in 100g of milk chocolate and I made an absolute hames of it. So I went to try it again and I burnt the chocolate as I got lazy and melted the chocolate in the microwave so third time around it worked a little better but still wasn’t exactly what I would have liked but I had wasted quite enough double cream and chocolate and it still tasted calorific, ha.

I spread the chocolate cream mousse like mixture onto the roulade and dotted it with halved raspberries. I rolled it up length ways, as like Jane from GBBO said you get more slices and that’s always a plus. I drizzled the roulade  with loooooooads of melted milk chocolate and sprinkled some remaining hazelnuts on top.

The Result

I had forgotten how much cream, melted chocolate and I just do not mix. The last time I attempted this was with white chocolate and it took 3 attempts before it eventually worked. This memory all came flooding back while folding the chocolate in for this recipe and I was tempted to dump it. A ganache is definitely a lot less stressful, unless someone out there is willing to share the secret of mixing melted chocolate with whipped cream without having to dump said mixture 🙂

It was still yummy and all eaten fairly quickly with one friend saying “the topping tastes like ferrero rocher,” I’m pretty happy with that result 😀


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