Saturday breakfast treat

As I was browsing through BBCgoodfood yesterday I came upon a post on 31 everyday ways to serve pancakes. One pancake jumped out at me, storecupboard corn pancakes. It looked quite easy and dare I say pretty healthy too, sort of anyways. So off I went to cook them.

I whisked 2 eggs with 5tbsps of milk and 25g of melted butter. I whisked 85g of self raising flour into the mixture followed by 330g can of drained sweetcorn and 2 finely chopped spring onions, or scallions as we like to call them here in Ireland.

After reading the reviews I chose to add in a sprinkling of paprika, a good twist of black pepper and salt.

I heated up 4tbsp of sunflower oil in a big frying pan and added in 4 large spoonfuls of the mixture. I fried them on both sides until golden and placed them onto a plate covered with kitchen paper. I left them in a warm oven for a minute while I cooked the sides. I managed to cook about 10 pancakes out of the mixture.


I sliced up a chorizo sausage and fried them with a good dash of red wine along with a couple of cherry tomatoes on the vine.


I served the pancakes with the sides and a spoonful of salsa. It was quite a satisfying breakfast. Next time I make them I will add an extra spring onion and a few chili flakes.

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