Crazy for coconut….

Most of my friends know how mad I am about coconut, I would eat it in all of my dishes if I could, I even have coconut moisturiser and shampoo, that’s how bad my obsession is, haha. Anyways there’s a reason why I keep harping on about coconut, stick with me. I finally got around to visiting the infamous vegan restaurant The Happy Pear in Greystones yesterday. It was worth the road-trip, there was plenty of choice and my mam and I had some delicious vegan food.  Continue reading “Crazy for coconut….”

Sultana white soda bread

So with it being January and after eating sooooo many sweets, turkey etc (mind you I’m still eating them as it’s still technically the holidays) I was in a bit of a dilemma, what am I going to bake this month that people will eat without feeling guilty???!! So last night I was chatting away to an aunt of mine and decided I’d try my hand at making her version of soda bread. I remember always eating slices of sultana white soda bread at my Granny’s years ago so I was only delighted to make this.  Continue reading “Sultana white soda bread”